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Our Resolve

  • Corporate Law

    The firm has advised on major greenfield and brownfield investment transactions across many sectors of the economy, with exceptional experience in mergers, demergers, listings, winding up, liquidations, judicial management and reconstructions.

  • Banking & Tax

    The firm has been retained by a number of banks as legal advisors, advising banking law, reconstruction of banks, mergers and acquisitions. with leading financial advisory services firms.

  • Criminal Law

    We offer legal services and representation during Criminal Proceedings at all levels. This ranges from appearances at the Police Station, representation at the Magistrates Court, High Court and prosecution of appeals.

  • Property Law

    The firm has a fully fledged Department that handles all issues of Property Law and Title. Our Conveyancing Department manages all transactions from sale or purchase to transfer. We manage effectively all rent and occupation disputes.

  • Labour Law

    Individual labour relations, Collective labour relations, Restructurings, Workplace Equality, Employee profit sharing schemes, Incentive share plans, Retrenchments, Labour litigation etc.

  • Family Law

    The firm handles matrimonial matters (divorce and division of property), custody, guardianship, maintenance, deceased estates, family trusts, will writing and estate planning.

  • Mining Law

    We have an outstanding record of being one of the leading firms in Mining Law advising a number of major mining companies. We are currently retained as Legal Advisors to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development in Zimbabwe. We have distinguished ourselves in the negotiation of complex mineral export formalities including International Mineral Certification Schemes, KPCS, ICGLR, OECD guidelines on responsible procurement, FATF and EITI.

  • International Law

    The firm has experience in International Litigation, International Mediation and Arbitration. It has handled a number of leading cases in International Courts such as the SADC Tribunal, ICSID, ICC, General Court of the EU and many other foreign jurisdictions including the USA and the UK.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our firm strongly believes in the promotion of intellectual property rights. The firm has registered a number of patents, copyrights and industrial designs in Zimbabwe and internationally. It has also handled disputes involving intellectual property infringements.

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